META MD Flex Putty

Polyvinylsiloxane Impression Material

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META MD Flex Soft Putty 

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META MD Flex Putty Heavy Body

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META MD Flex Light Body

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Meta MD Flex Putty is a polyvinylsiloxane Impression Material
Cavity impression of veener, inlay and onlay
Impression of crown or bridge , partial denture


Meta Biomed


Fingerprints crowns, bridges, partial dentures
Precision Impressions without bubbles due to its hydrophilic
The gypsum can be exactly reproduced without transformation, because of the stability and properties of the playback volume Excellent
Compatible with other VPS impression material
Easy to mix - automixing type


Meta MD Flex Light Body :
2 x 50ml Light Body
Meta MD Flex Putty:
1 x 450ml Base
Meta MD Flex Putty Heavy Body:
2 x 50ml Heavy Body