META AD Seal | ADSeal Root Canal Sealer | Resin Based Root Canal Sealer

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ADSEAL by Meta is an epoxy resin based root canal sealer used in permanent obturation of canals in endodontic therapy. It has outstanding physical and chemical properties that a required by a root canal sealer. It is biocompatible and has excellent sealing ability of the root canals. ADSEAL is in compliance with the requirements of root canal sealers as prescribed by ISO 6876:1986. The root canal sealer is supplied in a dual syringe containing the base and catalyst pastes.


Meta Biomed


Easy to mix
Ensures a hermetic seal
Does not stain the tooth
Insoluble in tissue fluids
Outstanding biocompatibility
Good radiopacity


Permanent obturation of root canals in combination with obturation points.

Known hypersensitivity against epoxy resins or other components, respectively, of the root canal filling material.

KEY Specifications


13.5g Dual syringe ADSEAL ( Base 9g, Catalyst 4.5g )
Mixing pad
Directions for using ADSEAL
Packing Dimension : 200 x 80 x 41mm

Keep syringe cap tight closed
Store at 18℃~24℃(64℉~75℉)
Store protected from UV light

2 years from the manufacturing date

Directions To USE

Working time - 35 minutes at 23oC

Setting time - 45 minutes at 37 oC


Dispense the required volume of paste onto a mixing pad and mix using a spatula for 15 to 20 seconds until a creamy homogenous consistency is achieved


The canal walls must be maintained dry
ADSEAL should be carried into the canal using lentulospiral or coated obturation points
Advance the lentulospiral at a slow speed till the apex.
Withdraw the lentulospiral very slowly while it is still running at low speed.
This can help avoid the formation of air bubbles.


13.5G Dual syringe
Base 9G (Epoxy resin,Calcium Phosphate)
Catalyst 4.5G (Amines, Bismuth Subcarbonate)
Spatula Mixing Plate
Weight: 135G