MEDICEPT SoloEze Densensitizing Agent

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Medicept Soloeze presents a groundbreaking solution for dental hypersensitivity without the inclusion of HEMA, revolutionizing desensitization during dental procedures. Tailored specifically for preventing and promptly easing enamel and dentinal sensitivity, this innovative formula excels during the filling and cementing processes, particularly for sensitive cervical areas and temporary restorations.

Crafted to offer precision and hygiene, the application process becomes seamless with the intelligent design of the smartbrush, ensuring targeted and controlled application for maximum effectiveness. This distinctive feature enhances patient comfort and promotes precise treatment application.

Beyond its desensitizing prowess, Soloeze boasts antibacterial properties, fostering a sterile environment within the oral cavity during procedures. Additionally, its mineralizing attributes contribute to the reinforcement of enamel, fortifying the tooth structure and promoting long-term oral health.

Dentists and patients alike benefit from this multifaceted solution that not only tackles immediate discomfort but also provides a shield against future sensitivity issues. Soloeze stands as a testament to cutting-edge dental innovation, offering a comprehensive, gentle, and efficient approach to managing dental hypersensitivity without compromising on efficacy or patient safety.




#. HEMA-free formulation for sensitive teeth

#. Precision application with smartbrush technology

#. Rapid relief from enamel and dentinal hypersensitivity

#. Antibacterial properties for enhanced hygiene

#. Mineralizing effect strengthens enamel

#. Ideal for use during fillings and cementing procedures

#. Targeted relief in sensitive cervical areas


1 X 7ml Bottle