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Medicept RC Plus EDTA Gel is a specially formulated cream designed for the chemical-mechanical preparation of root canals. It is an essential product that aids in the efficient removal of calcifications and facilitates the smooth movement of needles and reamers during instrumentation. The unique composition of RC Plus includes three key components: glycol, urea peroxide, and EDTA. Glycol acts as a lubricant, ensuring easy and obstruction-free movement of instruments within the canal. This lubricating property is beneficial for both manual and rotary instruments, allowing for a more efficient and comfortable treatment experience.

EDTA, or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, is a powerful substance that effectively removes calcium salts from the root canal. By dissolving these deposits, EDTA helps to clean and prepare the canal for further treatment, ensuring optimal conditions for successful outcomes. Urea peroxide, also known as carbamide, offers an additional benefit of teeth whitening for non-vital teeth. This feature enhances the aesthetic outcome of the treatment by brightening discolored teeth, promoting a more natural and pleasing appearance.




#. Efficiently removes calcifications and facilitates smooth instrument movement.

#. Lubricates canal for easy needle and reamer use.

#. Whitens non-vital teeth for improved aesthetics.

#. Non-conductive lubricant for reliable apex locator readings.

#. Synergistic reaction with sodium hypochlorite for debris removal.

#. Gel consistency for precise and convenient application.

#. Easy instrument removal without sticking.

#. Thoroughly cleans dentinal tubules and lateral canals.


1 X 9GM Syringe