MDC Antivet Bleaching Agent | Bleaching Agent Treatment for Pigmented Extrinsic & Fluorosis Stains

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Antivet is a one-visit treatment for the removal of brown stains caused by fluorosis and extrinsic stains caused by tobacco smoking.

The low-pH solution helps to separate the fluoride ions out of the fluorotic area. Following treatment with the enamel cleaning solution, a neutralizing solution is applied for 2 minutes.




#. Easy to Use

#. Effective

#. Good Patient acceptance

#. No sensitivity

#. Fast and Efficient

#. Requires use of a rubber dam

KEY Specifications

Acid Base (Antivet): It is hydrofluoric acid at a 21% concentration stabilized by an organic
tricarboxylic acid, with a controlled pH of <3, necessary to react with the fluoride ions to form soluble salts. The organic and inorganic ions are extracted from within the fluorapatite crystals through this ionization process which essentially allows the enamel surface to be cleansed without damaging it. Alkaline Base (Neutralizer): It is calcium hydroxide with a pH >12, which acts upon the
residual antivet solution on the tooth surface by way of a neutralizing reaction. At the same time, the calcium hydroxide seals off the enamel prisms and/or dentinal tubules on the tooth surface that have been uncovered by the friction of the cotton pellet.

Directions To USE

A dental dam is first applied to isolate the teeth, after which the tooth is treated by applying the low-pH enamel cleaning solution to the tooth surface with a brush or cotton pellet, and gently rubbing the solution on the tooth until the stain is removed.


#. 1 X 10ml Bottle of enamel cleaning solution

#. 1 X 10ml Bottle of neutralizing solution

#. Rubber Dams

#. Brush applicators

#. Palette for the solutions
Instructions Manual