LATUS Therafil-31 Composite Kit

Light Cure Restorative Composite

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Light cure restorative composite kit

Use for I and II type and all cavities opaquer layer of restorations in dentistry.

Composition and the main characteristic

THERAFIL-31 highly filled hybrid composite hardening by visible light with a wavelength of 400-500 nm. The depth of curing of THERAFIL-31 by exposing of illumination lamp 75Wt during 40 seconds is 4-6 mm.

Seals from THERAFIL-31 have low shrinkage stress, high hardness, and durability, optimal transparency, good color stability.


#. 5 х 5 G Paste
#. 3 G Bond
#. 2 X 4 G Etching Gel 37%
#. 20 Microapplicators

Shades Scale
5 Canulas | Shades A1, A2 (2qty), A3, A3.5