LATUS Latelux System Kit | Universal Nanohybrid Cure Restorative Composite


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Universal Nanohybrid light cure restorative composite. Use for all type of fine cosmetic restorations in dentistry. Rediopaque.




Composition and main characteristic

#. Latelux belongs to the group of nanohybrid composites hardening under the influence of light with a wavelength of 400-500 nm. The composite consists of a polymer matrix and an inorganic radiopaque modified filler. The basis of the polymer matrix is Bis-GMA, urethane dimethacrylate and other acrylic oligomers.

#. Pasta Latelux has a high plasticity, good form stability, does not stick to the tool. The cured material has good polishability, is characterized by high strength with diametrical compression (55 MPa), microhardness (84 kg / mm2), low water absorption (7.4 μg / mm3). The material is radiopaque.


Latelux Nanohybrid System Kit made in Ukraine


Content of Kits

25g Paste Latelux - Composites- 5 Syringes Each 5gm Total 25gm - А2:А3:А3,5:В2:ОА2 | Expiry- 2026/03

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