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Effective adhesive plus desensitiser

GLUMA Self Etch: This all-in-one bonding agent etches, primes, bonds, and desensitizes in one single step. Thus it meets your everyday requirements and demonstrates all characteristics which are important for an uncomplicated and state-of-the-art bonding agent.


GLUMA Self Etch is an acetone/water-based formulation of light-activated methylacrylate resins.

Bonding of direct light-cured composite restorations (including compomers).
Bonding indirect restorations in combination with a light-curing luting cement: porcelain and composite restorations (inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns)
Treatment of hypersensitive tooth regions.
GLUMA Self Etch, the 7th generation all-in-one bonding agent that etches, primes, bonds and desensitises in one single step. With numerous scientific studies and based on our long-term bonding expertise, GLUMA Self Etch combines high bond strength, improved marginal sealing and virtually no post-operative sensitivity with an easy, fast and more convenient application.
GLUMA Self Etch is applicable for all types of restorations, direct and indirect. Due to the very fast application time, it is ideally suited for treatment of children or hyperactive patients.

GLUMA Self Etch – Over 500 dentists in Europe have already used GLUMA Self Etch in more than 73,000 restorations*
95 % of dentists rated GLUMA Self Etch as easy to use.
86 % of dentists rated GLUMA Self Etch as better than their current bonding system.
93 % of dentists would recommend GLUMA Self Etch to their colleagues.



FeaturesOne Step-reliability: The reliability and qualities of GLUMA Self Etch is proven by many studies and test results. The innovative formula of GLUMA Self Etch support the excellent bond strength and supreme marginal sealing. And it allows treatments even in hypersensitive areas. One Step-effectiveness: GLUMA Self Etch allows you to apply just one layer for etching, priming,bonding plus desensitizing. GLUMA Self Etch system is immediately effective. Being a ready-to-use one step adhesive, no prior mixing, no shaking, no etching, no fridge storage is necessary. One Step-safety: The chemistry of GLUMA Self Etch allows you to have maximum error avoiding application, even treating hyperactive patients. Just one application step avoids unexpected treatment failures. One Step – convenience: GLUMA Self Etch is a ready-to-use one-step adhesive. No prior mixing, no shaking, no etching, no fridge storage is necessary.
KEY Specifications

Minimum preparation time GLUMA Self Etch system is immediately effective. Minimum failures Just one application step which avoids unexpected treatment failures Minimum sensitivity The GLUMA Self Etch formula allows treatments even in hypersensitive areas.

Directions To USE

Application 1. Bonding of direct light-cured composite restorations (including Polyglas® and compomers) 1.1. Preparation Clean tooth with an oil and fluoride-free polishing paste Prepare cavity for bonding. • Rinse cavity with water and air dry Isolate the cavity (the use of a rubber dam is strongly recommended) If indicated, place sub-base (e. g. glass ionomer cement) 1.2. Dispensing Bottle application: Dispense GLUMA Self Etch into the well (1 drop for small cavities, 2 drops for larger cavities) Replace bottle cap immediately after dispensing Use GLUMA Self Etch immediately after dispensing (no later than 3 minutes) Single dose application: Make sure that the single dose is opened immediately prior to application When removing the liquid rotate the applicator tip or brush briefly in the single dose. 1.3. Application NOTE: Roughen or grind enamel before application of GLUMA Self Etch. Etching/bonding is less effective on unground enamel. On sclerotic dentine separate etching with phosphoric acid for 30 sec is recommended. Immediately after dispensing apply a copious amount of GLUMA Self Etch to the entire cavity surface and margin with the applicator tip or brush. Make sure that the cavity margin is also sufficiently coated with GLUMA Self Etch liquid After application agitate the adhesive slightly for 20 sec. Agitation during the dwell time improves demineralisation and diffusion. Protect the bonding layer from contamination (e. g. by blood or saliva) Carefully air-dry GLUMA Self Etch with a flow of oil-free air (may take 5 – 10 sec or longer depending on the geometry of the cavity). The objective is to evaporate the solvent and water from the bonding layer without removing the active ingredients from the tooth surface. NOTE: A strong air stream at the start of air-drying will dilute the bonding agent and may result in poor adhesion. The surface must be visibly glossy, both after application of GLUMA Self Etch and after evaporation of the solvent. The complete cavity surface must be fully coated. If the cavity surface does not appear shiny, apply GLUMA Self Etch as described above a second time Light-activate GLUMA Self Etch for 20 sec with a halogen or LED light-curing unit. The lightcuring time assumes the use of a Kulzer Translux® light-curing unit or other dental curing light of comparable intensity (min. 400 – 500 mW/cm2 ). If plasma light-curing units (with an output greater than 1200 mW/cm2 ) are used, the curing time can be reduced by 8 sec NOTE: Low-intensity light causes poor adhesion. Curing lights should be checked with reliable light testers at regular intervals. The emitting tip should be placed as close as possible to the curing surface. Place restorative material as required Image result for GLUMA Self Etch


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