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Diamond Polishing System

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OptraFine is a high-performance diamond polishing system for ceramic restorations, combining high efficiency with long-lasting pleasing polishing results.

OptraFine is a highly effective diamond polishing system suitable for all types of ceramic materials, e.g. all-ceramic restorations made of IPS Empress CAD and IPS e.max CAD or IPS InLine metal-ceramics.

OptraFine leaves nothing to be desired in terms of low surface roughness and esthetic, high-gloss finish. The high-quality OptraFine polishers can be autoclaved and re-used.
The dimensionally stable silicone polishers for finishing and polishing restorations are available in “flame”, “cup” and “disc” shapes. Final high-gloss polishing is carried out in conjunction with diamond paste and a nylon brush.



FeaturesLow surface roughness thanks to a high diamond concentration Excellent high gloss thanks to a polishing paste with diamond particles Reusable

OptraFine is a multi-step finishing and polishing system for polishing dental restorations made of ceramics. Step 1: Finishing with OptraFine F (light-blue) Step 2: Polishing with OptraFine P (dark-blue) Step 3: High-gloss polishing with OptraFine HP nylon brushes and polishing paste The ceramic polishers can be used both intraorally (with water cooling) and extraorally (chairside, without water cooling)

KEY Specifications

Finisher (F) and polisher (P): Max. 15,000 rpm Only use with copious water spray (>50 ml/min). Medium pressure (approx. 2N) Place polishers on the surface to be processed only while they are rotating. Polish with slightly rotary motions to avoid creating grooves. Do not use damaged polishers. Wear protective goggles and a face mask. Provide efficient dust evacuation during the polishing procedure. Nylon brushes and high-gloss polishing paste (HP): Recommended speed: 5,000–7,000 rpm Max. 10,000 rpm Without water spray The nylon brushes have been designed for single use only and may only be subject to the validated sterilization cycle before their first use.


6 x Polishers 2 x OptraFine HP nylon brushes 1 x OptraFine HP Paste