IVOCLAR FRC Postec Plus Intro Pack

Fiber Reinforced Post

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FRC Postec Plus is a glass fibre-reinforced post that offers a high radiopacity similar to that of metal posts. The FRC Postec Plus system consists of light-transmitting glass fibre-reinforced composite posts in three sizes and includes three purpose-designed stainless steel reamers for the preparation of the recipient site of the post.The innovative glass fibre material together with a specially developed composite matrix impart a natural-looking translucency to FRC Postec Plus posts. In addition, the elastic behaviour (modulus of elasticity) of the post is similar to that of dentin, unlike that of metal or ceramic posts, due to the fact that the glass fibres are embedded in a composite matrixThe retention of posts cemented with the adhesive technique is three to four times higher than that of conventionally cemented posts in the root canal.




10 Posts +3 Drills Size no.0 -3 Posts Size no.1- 5 Posts Size no.2 - 2 Posts10 Posts +3 Drills Size no.0 -3 Posts Size no.1- 5 Posts Size no.2 - 2 Posts