DPI Algitex Alginate Powder | Alginate Impression Material

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DPI Algitex 15 Impression – 225g

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DPI Algitex 30 Impression – 450g

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DPI Algitex 50 Impression – 750g

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DPI Algitex 75 Impression – 1.125kg

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It is used for all routine impressions of the oral cavity.




A smooth mixing, well accepted Alginate powder for mixing. Excellent dimensional stability, fine reproduction. Pleasant and acceptable flavour. Ample working time and controlled flow. Made from the best quality of raw material.

Directions To USE

Ratio - 15 gm powder : 48 ml water, as per scoops provided. Working time at 27° C - approximately 2 minutes from the start of mix. Setting time at 27° C - approximately 2 1/4 minutes.


Dpi Algitex 15 Impression - 225g:
225g Pack
Dpi Algitex 30 Impression - 450g:
450g Pack
Dpi Algitex 50 Impression - 750g:
750g Pack
Dpi Algitex 75 Impression - 1.125kg:
1.125kg Pack