DENTSPLY Protaper Universal Retreatment Assorted D-1-2-3

NiTi Retreatment Files

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Progression of the files is done by applying slight apical pressure
• Frequently remove the file, inspect the blade for obturation material and clean the debris from the flutes
• If the rotary file can not go deeper, use a hand file to overcome the resistance and confirm the canal permeability

Protaper Retreatment files have been designed to remove filling material before canal re-shaping.

D1 File : With working tip to facilitate initial penetration.has a cutting tip to facilitate initial penetration into the filling material.
For coronal filling removal
D2 and D3 File: Both have non-cutting tips and are used to remove material from the mid and apical thirds, respectively.
D2 for middle filling removal
D3 for apical filling removal



KEY Specifications

Recommended Speed for the files:
With obturation from gutta percha & thermail obturators: 500-700RPM
For zinc oxide Eugenol based obturations: 250-300RPM

Directions To USE

File penetration is carried out by exerting very slight apical pressure
Withdraw the file frequently, inspect it & remove the debris from its before continuing
If there is any resistance in filing, use the hand file to overcome the resistance and check canal permeability
Incase of eugenol based solute paste, soften the paste first.


Pack of 6 Files:
2 x D1 File: 9%/30
2 x D2 File: 8%/25
2 x D3 File: 7%/20