Dental Conical Screw Posts | Pack of 120 PCS | High Quality Precision Finish Special Lead Free Conical Metal Screw Posts With Keys

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Dental Conical Screw Posts are high-quality, precision finish in a special lead-free alloy. Thread made similar to that of a modern self-tapping screw. Gold plated screw posts. Convenient Holder dispenses post easily.

Assorted Gold plated Screw Posts Set with keys for specific sizes makes placement of these posts accurate and precise. These posts do not cause discolouration of the teeth.




#. High-quality Stainless Steel.

#. Premium quality precision finish in special lead-free alloy.

#. Conical shaped and Conical Cross Head

#. Resistant to corrosion

#. Direct use (prefabricated): saves clinical time and decreases lab costs

#. Versatility of sizes (4 sizes): easy do adapt

#. Easy to use

#. Easy to adapt

#. No generation of stresses

#. Excellent retention for the cemen

KEY Specifications

#. Material: Gold Plated Stainless Steel

Dimensions :

#. Hollow Key - 15mm Length , 4mm Diameter

#. Cross Key - 15mm Length , 4mm Diameter

#. Short Screw Post - 9mm Length

#. Medium Screw Post - 10mm Length

#. Long Screw Post - 12mm Length

#. XL Screw Post - 14mm Length

Directions To USE

How to use dental screw posts:

#. Use a reamer that will match the selected screw post.

#. The root canal should be enlarged with the reamer and deepened to the desired depth.

#. Eccentric movement of reamer should be avoided.

#. Using Key, the post should be screwed into the root to check the length of the canal.

#. When this is done, remove the screw post.

#. After cleaning and drying the root canal and the post, the post is dipped into cement and screwed back.

#. A screw placed in the mesial and distal canals gives a good anchorage.

#. Screw posts give this possibility, because of the good variation in sizes.


Pack of 120 Posts with Screw,

#. Short : 36 Pieces

#. Medium : 36 Pieces

#. Long : 36 Pieces

#. XL : 12 Pieces

#. 2 Wrenches