Dental Avenue Avue T Crown

Fluorescent Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

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Dental Avenue Avue T Crown Automix (76gm)

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Dental Avenue Avue T Crown Smartmix (10ml)

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Dental-Avenue Avue T Crown:

Fluorescent Temporary Crown & Bridge Material


Creating Short term/long term Temporary crowns or bridges
Direct fabrication of temporary veneers, inlays, onlays
Also used in indirect restorative procedures


Dental Avenue

FeaturesMethylmethacrylate free Precision fit Natural fluorescence aids in Splendid Aesthetics Outstanding Mechanical and compressive strength High fracture resistance Low temperature increase during setting
KEY Specifications

Working Time: 0:50min Setting Time (Intra Oral): 1:45-2 min Complete Setting Time: 4-5min ShoreD Hardness: 75 Compressive strength: 320mpa


Dental-Avenue Avue T Crown Automix (76gm): 1 x 76gm Automix Accessories Dental-Avenue Avue T Crown Smartmix (10ml): 1 x 10ml Smartmix Accessories


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