Dental Avenue Avue Core Nano (2 Syringe X 5Ml)

Dual Cure Flowable Composite

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Dental-Avenue Avue Core Nano (2 Syringe x 5ml)

Dual cure flowable composite with NanoZirconium Dioxide and NanoCalcium Flouride


3 in 1 Material for Post cementation
Core Build up and Crown Cementation


Dental Avenue

FeaturesExcellent compressive strength of 320mpa via incorporating Nanozirconia Dioxide Nano Calcium fluoride Adequate film thickness of <25um
KEY Specifications

W.T- 1:30min S.T- 40 Sec Self-cure Time- 3:30min Compressive strength- 320mpa Flexural strength- 145Mpa Film thickness<25um