AXIMACK AXO Cal 3GRM | Premixed Water Based Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Paste With Barium Sulphate For Endodontic Indications | Temporary Root Canal Filling

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#. High PH (PH 12) Helps Neutralize Free Acids Of Obturating Cements And Restorative Materials

#. Reduces Hypersensitivity Of Dentine

#. 45% Calcium Hydroxide Content Helps The New Formation Of Secondary Dentine

#. Radiopacity For Checking Treatment

#. Perfect Pulp Protection




It is made up of Calcium Hydroxide, Barium Sulphate and Excipients.

KEY Specifications

AXO | CAL is used for filling canal after preparing canal in usual manner then drying the canal.
(After dispensing the required quantity slightly pull back the plunger of the syringe to avoid material loss) Excess can be removed with sterile cotton pellet.
Close the access opening with a suitable cement.
AXO | CAL can be removed with a file or suitable irrigating liquid.

Directions To USE

AXO | CAL is a radiopaque water soluble Calcium Hydroxide paste. Base under the filling
Direct and indirect pulp capping and pulpotomy.
Temporary disinfectant dressing.
As neutralizing agent. Leaking canal. Apexification.
Cavity Lining.
Root resorption.


#. 1 Syringe of 3GM
#. 2 Applicator Tips