AXIMACK AXO Alveo | Dry Socket Treatment And Post Extraction Dressing

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#. AXO | ALVEO Is A Dry Socket Treatment And Post Extraction Dressing.

#. It Provides A Soothing Effect Throughout The Healing Process. Its Fibrous Consistency Allows For Easy Filling Of The Socket.

#. The Active Agents Are Eugenol, Chlorobutanol, Guaiacol And Iodoform.

#. Treatment Of Dry Sockets

#. Post Extratction Dressing

#. Quick And Easy One Step Treatment

#. Antimicrobial Action Due To The Presence Of Iodoform

#. Fibrous Consistency – Very Easy To Apply



KEY Specifications

Penghawar djambi, eugenol, sodium lauryl sulphate, calcium carbonate, mint flavor, excipients.

AXO | ALVEO is a paste for alveolar surgical dressing after tooth extractions, with Penghawar fibers. The paste promotes haemostasis by compression and protects from superinfection (alveolar osteitis) by its barrier effect.
Introduced into the socket, AXO | ALVEO easily adheres to the alveolus due to its fibrous consistency. Assisted by the patient’s tongue movements, it gradually self eliminates without an intervention by the practitioner as the normal healing of the wound takes place.
AXO | ALVEO is very easy to apply and requires no special attention from the practitioner other than observation of the healing process.

AXO | ALVEO is a paste used as dressing in case of dry socket or post-extraction dressing following a difficult or traumatic extraction in patients with history of dry sockets.

AXO | ALVEO is not to be used on patients having a history allergy to one of the components and on deciduous teeth( children under 12 years of age ).
Routine use of the product as a post-extraction dressing is contraindicated.

Take a small pellet ( about 0.20g) of paste and place gently it into the prepared dental socket. Do not suture.
Patients should be told not to wash their mouth vigorously within 24 hours following the avulsion. Do not treat more than 5 teeth in one session.
Contains eugenol and mint flavor ( (S)-p-mentha-1,8-diene)
Causes serious eye irritation.
May cause an allergic skin reaction.
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Refer to safety data sheet (available on request).
The cap should always be replaced immediately after use.

Jar containing 10 g of paste
For professional dental use only


12 GRM X 1 JAR