3M Ketac Molar PACK OF 5 GI Filling Cement

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3M ESPE Ketac Molar GI Filling Cement has long been recognized as a pioneer in the success story of glass ionomer restorative materials. As a dentist, you appreciate the importance of offering tailored therapies to meet your patients’ diverse needs, and Ketac Molar GI Cement is a key component of our comprehensive product lineup. While glass ionomers may not be universally applicable, they shine in various dental indications, delivering outstanding results with minimal effort.




#. High flexural strength, reduces the risk of restoration fracture.

#. Adhesion to enamel and dentin.

#. Long-term fluoride release.

#. Low acid erosion.

#. Radiopaque.

#. Cost-effective.


#. Quick and easy to use with children.

#. Excellent mechanical properties for posterior teeth.

#. Bulk-fill convenience.

#. Ketac Molar Quick - for fast-setting posterior restorations.


#. Single-surface fillings in posterior areas.

#. Core build-ups Primary teeth fillings (as amalgam substitute).

#. Cervical fillings in posterior region Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID) Base material for single- and multiple-
surface composite fillings.


PACK OF 5 3M Ketac Molar

Each Pack of Pack : 15gm Powder, 7.8ml Liquid, Mixing Pad, Plastic Scoop