WIZDENT Wonder Bond SE | Universal Smart Dental Adhesive

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WiZDENT Wonder Bond SE, Its unique no solvent formulation enables conversion of demineralized smear layer into the hybrid layer leaving a homogenous, thin film that bonds strongly to the tooth.

Besides offering excellent bond strengths to enamel and dentin it exhibits outstanding biocompatibility to the tooth.

A solvent free, self-etch, and single component, light cured 7th generation bonding agent that offers excellent bonding for all direct and indirect restorations.




#. Excellent bonding with lesser steps, low technique sensitivity and virtually no post-operative sensitivity

#. Versatile, as it is compatible with all direct and indirect restorations

#. Enables total etch, self-etch and selective etch bonding capability

#. Economical “Solvent-Free “composition gives reliable consistent bonding till the last drop

#. Solvent-Free composition gives upto 500 applications.


#. Adhesive for all direct composite restorations

#. Adhesive for cementation of indirect restoration of ceramic, composite or metal

#. Adhesive for light cure composite core build-up material

#. Sealant for desensitization of root surfaces

#. Adhesive for intra-oral repair of composite fillings, PFM and all ceramic restoration.


1 X 5ml Bottle