VOCO Meron Set & liquid | Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

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VOCO Meron Set Powder & Liquid

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VOCO Meron – Liquid 15ml

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Meron has a low solubility in the mouth and a low level of acidity

Glass ionomer luting cement


metal-based crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays
high-strength all-ceramic crowns and bridges
metal-based and high-strength all-ceramic crowns and bridges on implant abutments
metal root posts or indirect metal post core build-ups
prefabricated steel crowns
orthodontic bands



KEY Specifications

Flowable during application, stable during transfer to the oral cavity
Low film thickness
High level of translucency for aesthetic results
Simple removal of excess material
Continuous release of fluoride
No known postoperative sensitivities

Directions To USE

Clean enamel, dentine and metal surfaces thoroughly and dry completely.
Make sure not to leave any traces of other materials which could impair the properties of Meron. T
emporary work should be attached with an eugenol-free cement.
Before attachment clean the core, rinse (e.g. with H2O2) and dry
Shake the powder well before use! The working temperature should be 15 °C - 23 °C.
Use one drop of liquid for one level measuring scoop of powder (powder/liquid ratio = 3.0 : 1 g/g).
Place powder and liquid on a suitable glass plate or a suitable mixing pad.
When dispensing the liquid, hold the dropper bottle vertically. It is recommended to divide the powder into 3 portions and to mix it portion by portion into the liquid, using a solid plastic spatula or another abrasion-resistant type of spatula.


Meron Set Powder & Liquid:

1 X Liquid 15ml
1 X Powder 35g

Meron - Liquid 15ml:

1 x Liquid 15ml