VOCO Bondfix – Bottle 2ML

Self-Etch Bond

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One-component light-curing nano-reinforced self-etch bond.


No postoperative sensitivities
High bond strengths on enamel and dentin
No shaking, no massaging
Tolerates moisture


Bondfix is suited for direct restorations using light-curing filling materials in all cavity classes.



FeaturesStore at temperatures of 2 °C to 8 °C. Do not expose Bondfix to direct sunlight or chair light.
Directions To USE

Drying A dry working area is required due to the subsequent application of a light-curing restorative material. Avoid any kind of contamination with blood or saliva Preparation Prepare the cavity according to the principles of the adhesive restoration technique. Rinse cavity thoroughly with water. Remove excess moisture with a faint air jet. Do not overdry dentine. The dentinal surface should remain slightly moist. If the tooth has not been prepared (e.g. cervical defect), thoroughly clean the surface and roughen the enamel margin with a finishing diamond or etch with a phosphoric acid gel. Protect areas close to the pulp with a suitable calcium hydroxide based liner. Application Dispense 1 drop of Bondfix onto a mixing palette. Apply a moderately thin layer of the adhesive to the enamel/dentine with a suitable applicator and allow it to act for 20 s. Drying Dry the adhesive layer with an air jet for at least 5 s. Polymerisation Polymerise with blue light (halogen or LED light) for 10 s.


1 x 2ml Bottle