Sterilization Reels | Medical Grade Sterilization Reels with Sterilization Indicator

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Sterilization Reels – 100MM

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Sterilization Reels – 200MM

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Sterilization Reel works perfectly with heat Sealer to get converted into a pouch, the size can be chosen as per instrument. Reel works great to reduce waste and is systematically rolled for easy usage. Reel measures 200mm with a variety of sizes. Flat reels are used for packing the medical devices before sterilization and maintaining the sterility of the products after sterilization. Flat reels are single-use only.




#. Easy identification of contents through the transparent, puncture-resistant, non-tearing, blue-tinted plastic film.

#. Provides visual confidence that sterilization is achieved and maintained.

#. A strong and secure side seal protects against instrument breaching.

#. High-quality porous medical-grade paper.

#. Clean, fiber-free separation of paper and film, when opened, ensures the safe presentation of sterile products.

#. To prevent cross-contamination reels are individually wrapped.

#. Compatible with steam and ethylene oxide sterilization methods.


#. Available Sizes

55mm (2") X 200M
75mm (3") X 200M
100mm (4") X 200M
150mm (6") X 200M
200mm (8") X 200M

Directions To USE

Following the cleaning and sanitizing process using an ultrasonic cleaner, each instrument must be packaged and sealed appropriately.

#. The contents must not take up more than 3/4 of the total volume of the package.

#. A 3cm gap should be left between the instruments and the seal.

#. To make it easier to open, leave a 1-cm gap between the seal and the paper’s edge.

#. Any instruments in pouches with plainly burned or uneven seals must be repacked.

#. To start the packaging process, insert the end of the sterilization package into the sealing device with the paper side facing downwards. the handwheel of the sealing machine enables you to adapt to the desired length easily. Press the lever of the sealing machine downward to generate the seal seam.

#. During the sealing procedure, move the blade handle from one side to the other to cut off the desired length. Press the lever upwards and remove the pouch, which is open to one side.

#. In the next step, place the instrument in the pouch. Ensure that the instrument is dry and free of soiling.

#. The use of protective caps on pointed instruments prevents damage to the sterilization package.

#. To finish packaging, slide the unsealed side of the pouch into the sealing device from the front. Then perform the sealing procedure again.

#. The arrow on the foil indicates the direction in which you need to open the pouch.


1 Spool of 200 Metre Roll