Dental Lead Apron | Comfortable Velcro Type Apron

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A lead apron is a type of protective barrier that acts as a radiation shield. It is constructed of a thin rubber exterior and an interior of lead in the shape of a hospital apron.




#. Lead aprons are proven to reduce the amount of ionizing radiation exposure to reproductive organs.

#. Reduce exposure of vital organs.


#. Comfortable:-

1. Weight Adjuster, Flexible Back.
2. Comfortably places more weight on hips, less weight on shoulders.
3. Available with Velcro Straps.
4. Reinforced Belt, Spacious and Strong.

#. Effective Results:-

1. 0.34mm Lead equivalency
2. BARC certified.

#. Light Weighted:-

1. Length: 100cm from the shoulder
2. Weight : 2.7kg
3. Width-60cm

#. Easy Usage:-

1. Quick & Easy to use.

#. Soft Fabric:-

1. The way it is designed and manufactured it has many advantages, such as its ability to insulate, provide comfort and it is also hypoallergenic and is a durable fabric.

#. Neckline Height:-

1. High enough that when worn in conjunction with thyroid collar there is no space between the thyroid collar and the apron neckline.
2. High neckline will reduce radiation doses of 45% and is strongly recommended, especially in younger age groups.”
3. Neckline should be high in those cases where the thyroid is in line with, or very close to, the primary beam.
Shoulder Padding:-
4. It helps alleviate discomfort to the shoulder area.
5. Perfectly shapes the shoulder.
6. Very good creasing property.
7. Standard dimensions.

#. Velcro Strap:-

1. For better grip.
2. Velcro has great strength and is low maintenance.
3. One of its greatest advantages is the ease of use.
4. Locked together with just a press of the fabric.
5. It is so easy to use it can be operated by a runner mid-stride.

#. Length:-

1. Make sure your torso is covered to just below the knee.
2. The major critical organs include the gonads, breast, active bone marrow, lungs, thyroid, bone surfaces, and, to a lesser degree, various other organs in the trunk of the body which has a risk from radiation exposure, nearly.
3. All the critical organs can be shielded by a lead apron that has a length to about mid-femur.

#. Shoulder Panel Width:-

1. Concealed for comfort and durability.
2. Wide enough to support the apron weight across as broad surface areas as possible without restricting movement or causing discomfort.

#. Arm Holes:-

1. Snug fit but not restrictive to movement of the arm.


To reduce exposure from X-Rays to vital organs that are potentially exposed to ionizing radiation during dental/medical imaging that uses x-rays.

KEY Specifications

#. 0.35 mm Lead equivalency front protection provides about 70% attenuation even in high energy (kVp) beams.

#. Instrument Name :-Lead apron + Thyroid collar.

#. Type :- Dental Radiography.

#. Category :- X ray protection.

#. Material :- Lead.

#. Disposable / Reusable :- Reusable.

#. Sterile / Non-Sterile :- Non - Sterile.

Directions To USE

#. General:-

All radiation protection aprons should be regularly checked and monitored for substrate integrity. We recommend a minimum of two inspections annually. Any protective apron that shows holes, tears or radiation leakage must be taken out of service immediately and either repaired or destroyed.

#. Storage:-

Aprons should always be properly hung on a rack or hanger specifically designed for protective apron storage. Never fold, crease or stack an apron. Avoid sharp objects. Core material is fragile and once punctured renders an apron unusable & will allow radiation to pass to the wearer.

#. Cleaning:-

Use only warm water and mild detergent or our specially formulated apron cleaner. Never use harsh chemicals and never use commercial or machine washing or drying on aprons.

#. Disinfecting:-

NEVER use a steam autoclave as the heat will cause severe damage to the protective substrate. Aprons can be ETO gas sterilized or disinfected with Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Spray or Wipes.


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