SHOFU Hy – Bond Temporary Cement (Soft)

Non-Eugenol Polycarboxylate Temporary Cement

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SHOFU Hy – Bond Temporary Cement Soft Set

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SHOFU Hy – Bond Temporary Cement Soft Mini Set

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Shofu Hy-Bond Temporary Cement (Soft) is a non-eugenol, polycarboxylate based temporary cement designed for temporary cementation of provisional crowns, fixed restoration and implant prosthesis, indirect pulp capping and temporary sealing of prepared cavities as an intermediate restorative
Contains the patented Hy-Agent additive with tannin-fluoride that seals dentinal tubules to prevent pulpal irritation



FeaturesEnsures easy removal with sufficient adhesive strength for short-term cementation. Easy to mix, manipulate and apply. Fast setting and easy to clean up Minimum odour and taste

Temporary cementation of temporary crowns, etc Indirect pulp capping, temporary sealing after cavity preparation Temporary cementation of deciduous cavities

Directions To USE

1. Standard Powder/Liquid Ratio: 2.2 g / 1.0 g Dispense one level scoop of powder onto a mixing pad using the measuring scoop provided. Then, dispense two drops of liquid separately 2. Mixing Divide dispensed powder into 2 equal portions; introduce first half to the dispensed liquid and mix with a spatula within about 15 - 20 seconds. Then, incorporate the remaining half gradually and mix the whole until it becomes homogeneous paste. Mixing must be completed within about 45 seconds 3. Temporary cementation/sealing Immediately use the mixture for cementation, sealing or lining 4. Setting and removal of excess material After cementation or filling, keep the area from being contaminated with saliva for about 8 minutes. Then, remove excess hardened material following the conventional method 5. Removal Remove provisional restoration and residues of this material. Thoroughly clean the tooth surface for permanent restoration.


Shofu Hy - Bond Temporary Cement Soft Mini Set: 1 x 60gm Powder 1 x 35gm / 30ml Liquid Shofu Hy - Bond Temporary Cement Soft Set: 1 x 125 gm Powder 1 x 70gm Liquid