Septodont Racegel

Thermogelifiable Gel for Gingival Preparation

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Racegel is a new hemostatic agent that controls bleeding and absorbs crevicular fluid prior to and during impression taking and crown placement. Due to its thermodynamic characteristics, the material’s viscosity increases upon contact with the tissue (95°) providing access to the gingival margin. Racegel contains 25% Aluminum Chloride which is clinically proven for its astringent properties. The bright orange color makes it easy to dispense, place and rinse. Racegel rinses away quickly, leaving no residual material, discoloration or irritation of the surrounding tissue. To learn more, contact your dealer sales representative.



FeaturesThermogelifiable properties to ensure no mechanical trauma to the periodontium, to control application without excessive hand pressure and to facilitate placement and rinsing: Racegel does not run or drip. 25% Aluminium Chloride for optimal and fast control of bleeding and gingival oozing. Orange colour to easilyvisualize Racegel during placement and rinsing. Thin, pre-bent needle tips for better placement even in hard-to-reach areas. Raspberry aroma for patient comfort.

Sulcus opening and control of bleeding prior to impression taking and in the preparation of Class II, III and V cavities.

KEY Specifications

Racegel’s Thermal-dynamic characteristics: • At room temperature (68°F) Racegel is liquid in the syringe • In contact with oral tissue (95°F) viscosity increases • This thermal effect is reversible when rinsed with water

Directions To USE

STEP 1: Apply Racegel in the sulcus, around the preparation and leave it for 2 min STEP 2: Rinse thoroughly and take your impression STEP 3: All margins and sub-gingival details are perfectly recorded STEP 4: And are visible on the master model/cast STEP 5: Open contact veneer preparations. Racegel used to control interproximal bleeding associated with infl ammed tissue. STEP 6: Definitive restorations in place. Note the improvement in tissue health associated with the perfect fi tting restorations. STEP 7: Final impression utilizing dry cords with Racegel over-layed on infl ammed tissue. Note the interproximal detail captured in the impression


3 X 1.4G syringes 30 X Pre-bent tips