Septodont Plastalgin 454G

Alginate Impression Materials

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Septodont Plastalgin-Chromatic 454g

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Septodont Plastalgin 454g

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Plastalgin is a multi-purpose, dust-free alginate impression material that works quickly and easily. Plastalgin creates a mixed creamy homogenous consistency without excessive flow




Normal setting Alginate material
Class A alginate material for accurate impressions
Naturally hydrophilic for an easy mix and excellent wettability of oral tissues
Patient and user-friendly
Colour change feature to easily visualize the impression taking steps (Green-Violet-Green) .
Quick and easy to mix without bubbles and inconsistencies.
Dust free formula.


Impression for case study and orthodontic models, fabrication of models for mouthguards, provisional restorations, bleaching trays, partial denture frameworks and occlusal splint appliances.

Directions To USE

Mix Ratio
Always keep the proportion of two measures of (16g) powder to a full measure of water(36 ml).
To measure the powder, fill a measure full and level it without compressing. Using a spatula, mix the powder and water for 45 seconds.


1 x 454G Plastalgin