SDI Pola Office Plus 1 Patient Kit | Bleaching Agent (37% Hydrogen Peroxide)

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Pola Office+ is a hydrogen peroxide-based in-office tooth whitening system requiring minimal chair time. It is a neutral pH gel and contains desensitizers to maximize patient comfort. The dual-barrel syringe system mixes as the gel is applied directly to the tooth.




#. The unique 37% hydrogen peroxide formula ensures the fast release of the peroxide ions to begin the bleaching process.

#. Less chair time means increased patient comfort, satisfaction, improved productivity, and profitability.
Neutral pH gel.


#. Whitening of discolored vital teeth

#. Whitening of discolored non-vital teeth


1. Do not use on pregnant or lactating women

2. Do not use on children under 14 years of age

3. Do not use the Gingival Barrier on any persons having known resin allergies

4. Do not use Pola Office+ on any persons having known peroxides allergies

5. Pola Office+ will not lighten any restorative materials

6. Do not use on patients with extremely sensitive teeth.

KEY Specifications

#. 37.5% hydrogen peroxide

#. Minimal chair time- within 30 mins

#. Store in a cool place (2°-25°C / 35°-77°F). For best results, keep


1 Patient Kit

#. 1 X 2.8ML Pola Office+ syringes

#. 1 x 1G gingival barrier syringes

#. Accessories