Rapi-G Rapid Oxide Room Disinfectant

GAS Disinfection System, Sanitizes The Air and Surface of the Room

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An advanced gas disinfection system, Rapi-G has been developed after a thorough research. It immediately releases chlorine dioxide gas upon adding prescribed amount of water. It can be used in hospitals, hotel room fumigation, for smell control in infected areas or patient room fumigation. Rapi-G is known to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and their spores. There is no need of a fogging machine for you to avail its benefits. It does not cause any harm and is of food grade quality. It is safe for food processing and has no long-term effects. Chlorine dioxide, i.e. CIO2 has more oxidising capacity in comparison to ozone, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde etc. Being in a gaseous form, it reaches all corners of the room; and is also known to be effective on H1N1 viruses. This product is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) as a sterilizer.
Sanitizing the room of patients at home is now an easy task. This comes in powder form as a pack of 1.




Helps disinfect or sterilize any room
Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi or spores
Eliminates the need for any machine
Reaches every corner of the room Human-friendly.


Eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi and their spores
No need of a fogging machine
Safe for food processing
Reaches every corner of the room
No need of a technical person
Registered with US EPA as a sterilizer
CIO2 has a high oxidizing capacity

KEY Specifications

After mixing water, do not inhale
In case of excess fumes, cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth
Keep it away from children
In case of eye irritation, wash with water
In case of any other problems, contact a doctor

Directions To USE

Stop all air ventilation in the room
Pour contents of the pouch in a glass bowl and add 20 ml water
Immediately leave the room and shut the door properly
After one to one and a half hour, turn on the AC, fans or ventilation device for 2 to 5 minutes
The room is now disinfected.


Pack of 1 Sachet