Prime Dental Restorite Nano Hybrid Kit | Light Cure Resin Based Dental Restorative Material Composite Kit

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Restorite Nano Hybrid Composite is light cured material, containing radiopaque glass filler and is indicated for placing fillings using adhesive techniques. it can be polished to a high luster. The chameleon effect matches the shade of the filling perfectly to the tooth structure.


Prime Detal


1. Direct anterior and posterior restorations in Black's class 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 cavities.

2. Indirect restorations such as inlays, on lays and laminate veneers.

3. Extended fissure sealing in molars and premolars

4. Endodontic posts.

5. Splinting mobile teeth

6. Adjusting the contours and shades to improve aesthetics.


Restorite Nano Hybrid Kit:

#. 7 X Restorite Nano Hybrid (4GM) | A1X2, A2X2, B1X1, B2X2

#. 1 X Restorite Bond 7G (5ML)

#. 1 X Restorite Etching Gel (3ML)

#. 1 X Aster Compo-Polishing Paste (4GM)

#. 5 X Application Needles

#. 10 X Microbrush