Prime Dental Rc Fill-I | Advanced Root Canal Sealant and Filling Compound

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Prime Dental Rc Fill-I is a state-of-the-art root canal sealant and filling compound, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional dental care results. Formulated with a precise combination of Calcium Hydroxide, Zinc Oxide, and Eugenol, augmented with Jodoform, this product offers unmatched efficacy in sealing and filling root canals. Its radio-opacity feature enables accurate imaging, facilitating precise diagnosis and treatment planning for dentists. The bioresorbable set mass ensures seamless integration with surrounding tissues, promoting natural healing processes while maintaining structural integrity. Conveniently packaged in 15g of powder, 10ml of liquid, and 5g of accelerator, Prime Dental Rc Fill-I provides versatility and ease of use for dental practitioners. Its carefully balanced composition not only ensures superior sealing and filling capabilities but also enhances patient comfort and satisfaction. Representing a pinnacle of innovation in endodontic care, Prime Dental Rc Fill-I embodies Prime Dental’s unwavering dedication to excellence in dental solutions. Trusted by dental professionals worldwide, this product signifies a significant advancement in root canal therapy, delivering reliable and long-lasting outcomes for patients striving for optimal oral health and wellness.


Prime Detal


#. Advanced root canal sealant and filling compound

#. Formulated with Calcium Hydroxide, Zinc Oxide, Eugenol, and Jodoform

#. Radio-opaque for precise imaging and diagnosis

#. Bioresorbable set mass for seamless tissue integration

#. Convenient packaging options: 15g Powder, 10ml Liquid, 5g Accelerator

#. Ensures superior sealing and filling performance

#. Trusted by dental professionals worldwide


#. 1 X 15g Powder

#. 1 X 10ml Liquid

#. 1 X 5g Accelerator