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Prime Dental Primecresol is a meticulously formulated solution for comprehensive root canal care, offering unparalleled efficacy and precision. Combining Cresol, Formaldehyde, Glycerine, and Distilled Water, it swiftly eliminates bacterial pathogens, making it ideal for vital pulpotomy and severe root canal infections. Designed for professional use, Primecresol efficiently cleanses and disinfects the root canal system, promoting optimal oral health outcomes. Its intuitive application involves placing a cotton wool soaked in Primecresol into the pulp chamber, followed by careful sealing after excess liquid removal. Stored away from sunlight in a cool, dry place, Primecresol maintains stability and potency, ensuring consistent performance. Dispose of Primecresol responsibly according to local regulations. Elevate your endodontic practice with Prime Dental Primecresol—a testament to innovation, precision, and excellence in root canal care. Trust Primecresol to deliver uncompromising results, empowering dental professionals to redefine standards of oral health and patient care with confidence and proficiency.


Prime Detal


#. Potent antibacterial action for root canals

#. Effective in vital pulpotomy procedures

#. Comprehensive cleansing and disinfection solution

#. Simple application with cotton wool method

#. Secure sealing for optimal treatment outcomes

#. Professional-grade formulation for dental practices

#. Long-lasting stability and shelf life


1 X 15ml Bottle