Prime Dental NT Fog 100ML | Advanced Anti-Fog Formula for MM Tops

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Prime Dental NT Fog, the ultimate solution for combating fog on MM (medical and dental) tops. Our innovative anti-fog spray is specially formulated to provide unparalleled clarity and visibility, ensuring a hassle-free experience in demanding medical and dental environments. With Prime Dental NT Fog, say goodbye to obstructed vision and fogged surfaces. Our advanced formula creates a durable and long-lasting barrier against fogging, allowing professionals to focus on their tasks without interruptions or distractions.


Prime Detal


#. Advanced anti-fog formula for MM tops

#. Long-lasting fog protection

#. Crystal-clear vision enhancement

#. Convenient spray bottle application

#. Suitable for various MM surfaces

#. High moisture resistance formulaWarranty is not applicable for this product.


1 X 100ML Bottle