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Prime Dental Etching Gel – 3g

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Prime Dental Etching Gel Big- 2 x 25ml

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Prime Dental Etching – 15ml Bottle

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Prime Dental Etching Gel is available in two different consistensies , soft gel and thick liquid.


37% Orthophosphoric Acid Gel

Composite restorations
Adhesive cementation of inlays (composite and allceramic), crowns, bridges, veneers, adhesive bridges, and posts and cores
Bonding of orthodontic attachments (e.g. brackets)
Pit and fissure sealing

Acts as demineralising to the enamel creating micropores from 20-30 microns in depth which allows greater adhesion of restorative metals.


Prime Detal

KEY Specifications

Total Etch Enamel Etching 37% Orthophosphoric acid Silica free

Directions To USE

Etching gel should be applied with a small brush on enamel and dentin which has to be etched. Material should be left in place for 15 seconds and wash with water. Dry the area with oil free air. Dried area would appear chalky white. Avoid over drying. If first application does not give you the desired visual indication, procedure should be repeated for further 10 seconds.


Prime Dental Etching Gel - 3g: 1 x 3g Syringe Prime Dental Etching Gel Big- 2 x 25ml: 2 x 25ml Syringe Prime Dental Etching - 15ml Bottle: 1 x 15ml Bottle