Prime Dental Composite Kit

Resin Hybrid Composite

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A highly filled, non-sticky, self curing, resin hybrid, anterior/posterior composite filling material. It is a convenient universal shade, paste/paste system.

The restorative has high strength (270 MPz compressive) with low water sorption and solubility.

The material can be condesed into the cavity preparation up to the enamel/dentinal joint as a base layer or be filled to the cavo-surface margin for a complete self cure composite restoration. Quick setting eliminates time spent with incremental placement of light cure materials.

For class iii and class v restorations
For limited use in class i restorations in premolars
Selected class iv restorations


Prime Detal

FeaturesIn syringes form with bonding system Type-2 composite Radiopaque

A1, 2 X A2, A3, A3.5, B2,Incisor 1 x Bond 7 ml 1 x Etchant 7.5 ml 1 x Applicator tips Customized Kit (Shades May Vary)


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