Prime Dental Clean-Tray

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Prime Dental Clean-Tray effectively removes alginate or plaster residue from dental instruments like impression trays, spatulas, and flasks. Its white powder formulation, with 250g cleaning power, efficiently cleans at least 125 trays. Safe and versatile, it lacks known contraindications. Following precise usage guidelines, dissolve 50g in 0.5 liters of lukewarm water, soak instruments for 15-30 minutes, then brush and rinse. Warm water or ultrasonic baths enhance results. Be cautious when cleaning different metal trays together to prevent oxide layer formation. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and tightly seal after each use. Dispose of according to local regulations. Prime Dental Clean-Tray stands as a reliable solution for maintaining dental instruments, emphasizing quality and innovation in dental hygiene.


Prime Detal


#. Efficiently removes alginate and plaster residue

#. White powder formulation for easy use

#. Cleans at least 125 impression trays

#. Safe with no known contraindications

#. Dissolves in lukewarm water quickly

#. Accelerates with warm water or ultrasound

#. Secure jar preserves powder integrity


#. 1 X 250G Jar

#. 1 X Spoon