Prime Dental Citral Wash – 30ML

Root Canal Irrigation Solution

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It is a root canal irrigation solution based on 20% citric acid. It is used for cleansing / conditioning of prepared canals, and dissolving / cleaning residues of calcium hydroxide. It is also used for removing smear layer. It is slightly thickened, water-soluble solution.


Prime Detal

KEY Specifications

#. Root canal irrigation solution
#. Cleansing / conditioning of prepared canals
#. Removing smear layer
#. Slightly thickened, water-soluble solution

Directions To USE

Warning - Do not follow Citra Wash rinse with sodium hypochlorite or vice versa, as this can lead to the production of chlorine gas. Always rinse with clean, bacteria-free water between Citra Wash and sodium hypochlorite irrigation.

1. Make sure tip is loose in canal and at least 2mm short of apex. Gently deliver the Citra Wash with tip. Agitate solution, cleaning walls to dissolve and remove calcium hydroxide with Citra Wash. Do not express Citra Wash when canula tip is at full length or if it fits tightly against the canal walls.

2. Flush out canal with clean, bacteria-free water followed by copious sodium hypochlorite. When Citra Wash is used in lieu of EDTA liquid to remove smear layer let, Citra Wash dwell in canal for 3 minutes. Perform a final rinse with clean, bacteria-free water, plain EDTA or local anesthetic.

3. Fit master cone, then obturate.