Prime Dental Aster Compo

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PRIME DENTAL ASTER COMPO, is thixotropic in nature and more fluidity can be attained when subjected to rotation. Tighten cap properly after dispensing. Apply the paste on the cup/brush or directly over the tooth or on the restoration material. Use the paste in low rotation, applying low pressure with intermittent touches and in circular movements. When there is proven allergy to any of its components, the product must not be used. During application it is recommended the use of safety goggles. Follow the using instructions to prevent from excessive heating of the surface. Keep the product in its original packing and always well closed. Do not freeze it.


Prime Detal


Aster Compo contains alumina based abrasives to maximize the Polishing / Finishing of synthetic restorative materials (Composites). The thixotropic properties are controlled in a manner to ensure non-splattering effect. While a gradual transition to a more fluid state under rotation by cup / brush ensures that the entire surface is subjected to polishing. It comes in Mint fragrance. It is stored in dry place sheltered from sunlight.


#. Alumina based polishing paste for polishing dental composites.

#. Non-splattering.

#. Thixotropic nature.

#. Mint fragrance.


1 X 4GM Syr.