Prime Dental Allure Endo Motor | Wireless HD OLED Display Endo Moter

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Endo Motor | is an endodontic operation instrument Endo motor function is a kind of endodontic micromotor to drive Ni-Ti instruments. it can assist the dentists to shape more standard root-canal in the press of root-canal treatment based on the miro-clectron control technology.

Enod Moter |  can held in hand to operate and cordless charging. This unit contributes to alieciate the dentist’s working intensity.

Features Wireless Endo Motor, HD OLED Display, With Detachable LED Light, Contra Angle head with PB•9 Adjustable

Programs with  Forward / Reverse / Reciprocating movement



Prime Detal


1. This unit can be used in independent endodontic shaping.

2. 9 Different programs can be preset according to requirement of operator.

3. When rotary file reaches preset torque, the file will automatically withdraw until removal of resistance.

4. This unit is powered by rechargeable Lithium battery, in order to expand life span of battery. The unit will be turned off automatically in 8 minutes without any uses.

5. Contra angle, file clip and lip hook can be 135*C autoclaved.

6. Wireless Endo Motor.

7. HD OLED Display

8. With Detachable LED Light

9. Contra Angle head with PB

10. 9 Adjustable Programs with  Forward / Reverse / Reciprocating movement


#. Charger Base - 1 PCS

#. AC Adapter - 1 PCS

#. Main Unit - 1 PCS

#. Contra angle - 1 PCS

#. LED Light - 2 PCS

#. User manual - 1 PCS