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Vital pulp therapy material

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A specialized dental cement based on Di and Tri-Calcium Silicate, derived from advanced material research in inorganic hydraulic powder technology. it is used for both vital pulp therapy and Endodontics procedures.


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BenefitsDispense powder as needed. Optional gel for stability and washout resistance. Non-cytotoxtic and anti- microbial in vitro against common bacteria and E. Faecails. No special equipment or dispensing instrument needed. The original bioactive cement formula. Finer powder for smoother, easier mixing , handling and placement. Handy packaging- protects powder in desicant-lined container.
FeaturesADA 57, ISO 6876 and ISO 9917 criteria:- Working Time at room temperature: ~12 min when thickly mixed with gel Setting Time at 37°C: < 1 hr. when thickly mixed with gel Film thickness: 50 µm when mixed 1:1 Powder:Gel, otherwise higher Solubility: <2% o Dimensional stability after 30 days: <+0.1% expansion Radiopacity: 5 mm equivalent of aluminum Compressive strength: 80 MPa after 7 days when mixed 3:1 Powder:Gel Pb and As: 2 ppm This material has been developed for professional dental use. Application should be carried out strictly according to the directions for use. Liability cannot be accepted for damages resultin

Vital pulp Cavity Lining. Base. Pulp-capping. Pulpotomies Non-Vital/endodontics Obsturation. Sealing. Apexification. Root-end filling. Perforation healing Root Resorption

Directions To USE

Dosage and Mixing: Dispense 1 scoop of MTA Plus™ powder on a glass slab or a non-absorbent pad. Dispense one small drop of MTA Plus Gel, OR some of the MTA Plus Liquid from 1 ampoule next to the powder. NOTE: The gel imparts washout resistance (for easier rinsing) and faster setting, which the Liquid does not. NOTE: MTA Plus Liquid ampoules are larger than unit-dose size. Gradually mix the liquid or gel into the powder until the desired putty-like consistency is obtained. For some procedures, a thinner, syrupy, stringy consistency may be desired. Thoroughly mix to hydrate the powder. If the material is not to be used immediately, cover the mixed material with a moist gauze sponge (use sterile water), or a clean cover to prevent evaporation. Extra gel or MTA Plus liquid may be used to rewet the powder before it sets.