ORIKAM Neocem 1 Luting Cement Intro Pack | Glass Ionomer Cement

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Neoendo Neocem Type 1 Glass Ionomer Cement stands as a specialized dental solution meticulously crafted for endodontic applications. Comprising a precise blend of silica, aluminum, calcium, and sodium fluorides in its powder, and a liquid containing polyacrylic acid and copolymer in water, this cement embodies the hallmark characteristics of Type 1 glass ionomer. Renowned for its superior adhesion and biocompatibility, Neoendo Neocem Type 1 is tailored to meet the demanding requirements of endodontic procedures. Its application extends to the cementation of endodontic posts, ensuring secure fixation, as well as the sealing of access cavities in root canal treatments. The Type 1 classification denotes a fine-grained consistency, facilitating meticulous application in the intricacies of endodontic work. Dental professionals can rely on Neoendo Neocem Type 1 for its precision, adhesive qualities, and compatibility with endodontic practices, contributing to successful outcomes in root canal therapies. Strict adherence to manufacturer guidelines is imperative to optimize its performance in diverse endodontic scenarios.




#. Less technique sensitive

#. Long shelf life

#. Robust bottle

#. Fluoride releasing

#. Free-flowing liquid provides smooth paste and good consistency

#. Odor-free

#. Good color match

#. Good biocompatibility and non-irritant to the tissues

#. High Mechanical strength

#. Good wettability provides good marginal seal

#. Low solubility makes it insoluble in the oral cavity

#. Chemical Adhesion to both tooth structure (enamel, dentin) and metal

#. Radiopaque makes post-operative diagnosis easy

#. Cost-effective

#. Thin film thickness provides easy seating of crown


#. Used for cementation of metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns, bridges, inlays

#. Cementation of stainless steel crowns

#. For cementation of orthodontic appliances retained with stainless steel crowns

#. Cementation of orthodontic bands

#. As Base or liner under restoration


Intro Pack

#. 1 X 15gm Powder

#. 1 X 12gm Liquid