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MICRODONT Dental Diamond Burs | DOUMBEL CONE | 3180

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MICRODONT Dental Diamond Burs | DOUMBEL CONE | 3833

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MICRODONT Dental Diamond burs are rotary grinding instruments used on hard tissues such as tooth and bones. Burs are made of a stainless steel working part, which is coated with fine diamond crystals, to improve the cutting efficiency. Burs are also used for grinding metal, plastic, porcelain and other hard materials in dentistry.

MICRODONT burs are made as per ISO specifications and cover almost all popular use cases for burs, with its wide catalogue, which includes fine, extra fine and coarse burs as well.

MICRODONT burs are made using German steel, and cut with Swiss precision machines, to ensure perfect cutting efficiency for the burs.

MICRODONT Diamond burs range is similar to that of Mani Diamond burs range and covers most use cases for dentists.

In addition to high quality raw materials and machinery, MICRODONT burs are made using the renowned German plating process, in state-of-the-art factories. All MICRODONT burs come with triple layer coating to ensure excellent cutting efficiency and efficacy. This combination ensures that you get the perfect bur in your hand every single time.




Pack OF 5 Burs