META NETC, Non Eugenol Temporary Cement

Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement For Crowns &Bridges

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Easy to mix by paste-paste type.
Working time of 1.5 minutes after start of mixing.
Setting time of 4 minutes after start of mixing.
Especially suitable for use on patients with sensitvity to engenol.


Meta Biomed


Cementation of temporary crowns and bridges.

KEY Specifications

CAUTIONS Do not use the cement in allergic persons. For dental use only. Keep away from child. Try ethyl alcohol to remove the cement. STORAGE Store at temperature of 18℃~24℃(64℉~75℉) Close the tubes immediately after use.

Directions To USE

Use NETC at ambient temperature of 18℃~23℃(64℉~73℉) and relative humidity of 45~55% Dispense two equal length of base and catalyst paste on mixing pad. Close the tube immediately after use. Use a spatula to thoroughly mix the base and catalyst for 20~30 seconds. Insert paste into temporary crown or bridge and seat onto the prepared dry tooth. Allow to set (4 minutes after start of mixing ) and trim excess.


40G Base paste, 14G Catalyst paste and a Mixing pad