MEDICEPT Xtralute Large

Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

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The latest addition Medicept Dental’s range of cements has been optimized for use in hot and humid climates. The glass component is finely ground and sieved to produce an average particle size of less than 5 microns (<5µm) – this ensures a very low film thickness and excellent results in a host of procedures where cementation is required, especially for seating crowns and bridges. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Exceptional strength – Long lasting cementations Good radiopacity – Shows clearly under x-ray High level of sustained fluoride release – Prevention of secondary caries High wear and erosion resistance – Durable Cementations Easy mixing – To reduce surgery time Excellent biocompatibility – Minimal puplal reaction PRODUCT INDICATIONS: Cementing crowns and bridges Cementing inlays and onlays Orthodontic cementation of brackets and crowns




Powder 35gm / Liquid 20ml