MEDICEPT Xtracem – LC | Light Cure Glass Ionomer Cement

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Medicept Xtracem – LC Shade – A2

sold out Rs.1,660.00 Rs.2,325.00

Medicept Xtracem – LC Shade – A3

sold out Rs.1,660.00 Rs.2,325.00


Medicept XTRACEM LC is an advanced dental material designed to serve as a versatile and reliable glass-monomer light-cured radiopaque lining, luting, and restorative cement. This unique product combines the benefits of glass ionomer cement with the added strength and durability of resin reinforcement. Its innovative formulation utilizes both chemical and light-curing mechanisms to achieve an ideal balance between early strength and a controlled setting.




#. Light-cured radiopaque material

#. Dual curing mechanism

#. High initial strength

#. Resin-reinforced glass ionomer

#. Excellent adhesion

#. Four popular Vita shades

#. Radiopaque for diagnostics

#. High fluoride content

#. HEMA-free, low allergy risk

#. Easy mixing and handling


#. 1 X 12gm Powder

#. 1 X Liquid 5gm