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Medicept Soloetch is a cutting-edge and widely trusted dental etchant gel that sets a new standard for enamel and dentin preparation prior to bonding treatments. With its exceptional 37% phosphoric acid concentration, it provides optimal etching capabilities, enhancing the adhesive bonding between restorative materials and the tooth surface. One of its standout features is its medium viscosity and thixotropic nature, which means that upon application, it transforms into a gel-like consistency, adhering precisely to the targeted area and staying put without running or dripping. This remarkable property affords dental professionals unprecedented control during the etching process, ensuring a precise and accurate treatment. Another advantage of Soloetch is its long shelf life when stored correctly, offering peace of mind to practitioners by maintaining its efficacy over an extended period. Unlike some etchants prone to drying out, Soloetch remains consistently reliable for multiple applications. Additionally, after completing the etching process, Soloetch can be easily and thoroughly washed off, leaving no traces or residue behind. This ensures a clean surface ready for optimal bonding performance, promoting strong and durable restorations.




#. 37% Phosphoric Acid: High concentration for effective and efficient enamel and dentin etching.

#. Thixotropic Gel: Transforms into a gel-like consistency upon application, staying in place without running or dripping.

#. Medium Viscosity: Easy to control and apply precisely to the targeted areas.

#. Reliable Bonding: Enhances adhesive bonding between restorative materials and tooth surfaces.

#. Long Shelf Life: Maintains effectiveness when properly stored for extended periods.

#. No Drying Out: Does not dry out during storage, ensuring consistent performance over time.

#. Easy Clean-Up: Washes off cleanly without leaving residue on the tooth surface.

#. Convenient Dispensing: Comes in a user-friendly format for easy and accurate application.

#. Standardized Quality: Produced according to high-quality standards to deliver consistent results.


#. 1 x 50ml Syringe

#. 3 x Empty Syringes

#. 50 x Tips