MEDICEPT Glass Ionomer Universal Liquid

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Medicept Glass Ionomer Universal Liquid is a groundbreaking dental solution designed for restorative and luting applications. This innovative liquid is perfectly compatible with Medicept’s glass ionomer restoratives and luting cement, ensuring consistent and reliable results. Its exceptional adhesive properties promote strong bonding between the restoration and tooth structure, enhancing longevity and patient satisfaction. The liquid’s precise handling characteristics allow for easy and accurate placement, while its bioactive properties support remineralization and tooth protection. With a natural appearance and quick setting time, it offers aesthetic appeal and efficient chairside procedures. The Medicept Universal Liquid provides high compressive strength and wear resistance, ensuring durable and long-lasting restorations. Minimizing post-operative sensitivity, this trusted and quality-driven product delivers optimal dental outcomes, empowering dental professionals to achieve exceptional restorative solutions for their patients.




#. Versatile: Suitable for restorative and luting applications.

#. Strong Bonding: Exceptional adhesive properties for reliable bonding.

#. Biocompatible: Safe to use in the oral cavity without causing allergies.

#. Bioactive: Supports remineralization and tooth protection.

#. Easy Handling: Precise placement for efficient chairside procedures.

#. Aesthetic Appeal: Natural appearance for visually pleasing restorations.

#. Quick Setting: Rapid curing for faster dental procedures.

#. High Strength: Durable restorations with excellent compressive strength.

#. Wear-Resistant: Withstands chewing forces for long-lasting results.

#. Minimal Sensitivity: Reduces post-operative discomfort for patients.

#. Radiopaque: Easily identifiable on dental X-rays for assessment.

#. Long Shelf Life: Stable and reliable for an extended period.


1 X Liquid 15ml