MANI Diamond Bur – SO Series (Straight Ogival End)

Diamond Burs

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MANI Diamond Bur SO-20

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MANI Diamond Bur SO-21

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This product has a stainless steel working part which is coated with fine diamond crystal.
It is defined as the rotary grinding instruments for hard tissues such as tooth and bones.
It is used for connecting with dental handpiece.
It can also be used for grinding metal, plastic, porcelain and other hard materials.




1. This product is used by connecting to dental handpiece and rotates to grind hard materials and tissues etc..
It is the dental diamond burs with stainless steel shank and non-sterile instrument.
2. Main materials
a) Metal base :Stainless steel (including nickel and chromium)
b) Working part: Fine diamond crystals attached to metal base(including nickel and chromium)
c) Shank : Stainless steel (including nickel and chromium)


Pack of 5 Burs