MAARC Carving Wax Blocks

Carving Wax Blocks

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Carving Waxes are made from high quality ingredients and widely used in dentistry or dental lab. It is applied on crown and bridges and is appreciated for its tough, hard and bubble free attributes as well as it does not chip or flake. This Carving Wax offer excellent polish while carving and it does not stick to the models and instruments.It is also used for making tooth models by dental students.
Carving Wax BlocksThickness38 x 13 x 13 mm.



FeaturesThe wax blocks are easy to carve. The special feature being the wax is sufficiently hard that it does not chip off at edges on applying pressure. Free from air bubbles.
KEY Specifications

Lenght/Height= 3.7cm Side/Width= 1.2cm


40 White Wax Blocks