Maarc Blitz White Bleaching Kit | Tooth Whitening Kit

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Maarc Blitz White Bleaching Kit is hydrogen peroxide based In-Office Tooth Whitening kit requiring minimal chair time. It contains desensitizers to maximize patient comfort.




#. In-office system with De-sensitizing agent.

#. Less post-procedural sensitivity.

#. Quicker Whitening Result.

#. Contains Fluoride for Re-mineralization.


#. Lightly etching away surface staining on vital and non-vital teeth.

#. Assisting in the brightening of discoloured teeth.

#. Removal of surface stains on teeth discoloured by medications, such as tetracycline, and minocycline.

#. Fluorosis

#. Food-related stains.


#. 2 X 0.4g Powder

#. 2 X 3ml Liquid

#. 1 X 3g Gingiva Shield

#. 2 X Micro Brushes

#. 2 X Dispensing Tips
Instruction for use