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GLUMA has been suffi cient to reduce and prevent hypersensitivity. The results appear quickly and effectively, without mixing, curing or multiple applications. Patients feel immediate relief. Every good restoration starts with the GLUMA Desensitizer. Its effi cacy has been proven in over 50 million restorations. It can be used with all common adhesives and restoration materials and in every treatment situation. GLUMA neither needs to be stirred or light cured. This simplifi es application and saves time.


GLUMA Desensitizer is used for the treatment of hypersensitive dentine. It achieves its effects by precipitation of plasma proteins, which reduces dentinal permeability and occludes the peripheral dentinal tubules.

This inhibits the flow of fluid through the tubules which is the cause of sensitivity.

GLUMA Desensitizer is used:

To eliminate pain in exposed cervical areas not requiring restoration,
To alleviate or prevent dentinal sensitivity after preparation of teeth to receive indirect restorations.
Use GLUMA below every restoration – direct and indirect – to ensure your patients the comfort they deserve.

Below crowns
Inlays and onlays
Veneers and temporaries
Margins around temporary crowns
Below all direct restorations




Desensitise: GLUMA is the only desensitise that has been proven to penetrate exposed dentinal tubules up to 200 μm. This leads to the formation of multilayered protein walls which prevent an osmotic fl uid exchange with the internal tubules
Block bacteria: GLUMA forms a hermetic seal which traps the bacteria and prevents bacterial growth
Re-wetting: GLUMA reorganises collapsed collagen fi bres and thus improves the adhesiveness of several adhesives.


GLUMA is the only desensitiser proven to penetrate exposed dentinal tubuli up to 200 μm. The result is the formation of multiple layers of protein septa that prevent intertubular fluid movements due to osmotic changes.

Inhibits bacteria:

GLUMA provides a hermetic seal that acts as a microbial barrier, inhibiting bacterial growth.


GLUMA resurrects collapsed collagenous fibres, improving the bond strength of many adhesives.

KEY Specifications

Harmful, contains glutardialdehyde, 2-hydroxyethyl-methacrylate

It is a local irritant and has toxic effects
Appropriate precautions should always be taken before using GLUMA Desensitizer
Only dispense the smallest possible amount necessary for the treatment
Harmful by inhalation
Irritating to respiratory system
Irritating to skin
Risk of serious damage to eyes
May cause sensitization by inhalation
May cause sensitization by skin contact
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
Wear suitable gloves
Before use, put on the protective goggles and cover the patient’s eyes to protect against splashes of material
Do not breathe vapour/spray
Avoid contact with skin.
GLUMA Desensitizer must not be used:

If the necessary precautions cannot be taken or the specified application technique cannot be used
If the patient is allergic to any of the ingredients contained in GLUMA Desensitizer
If the pain is due to pulpitis,
If the pulp is exposed or the dentine adjacent to the pulp is perforated

Directions To USE

Dosage and Administration

Treatment of hypersensitive dentine

The treatment of hypersensitive dentinal surfaces is only indicated in cases of severe pain in reactions to thermal, osmotic or tactile stimuli. In cases of mild pain, alternative treatments such as desensitizing toothpastes should be used.

Clean the dentine (e.g. with cleansing pumice), under local anaesthesia if necessary, and then rinse off with water.
Protect mucous membranes by using a rubber dam. Make sure that GLUMA Desensitizer only comes into contact with the area to be treated.
Apply the smallest possible amount of GLUMA Desensitizer required for treatment to the dentinal surface using pellets or brushes and then leave for 30 – 60 seconds
Then dry the surface carefully by applying a stream of compressed air until the fluid film has disappeared and the surface is no longer shiny. Then rinse thoroughly with water
Deep cavities and/or areas near the pulp should be covered with a suitable cavity lining before the desensitizer is applied.
If a single application of GLUMA Desensitizer does not produce sufficient and sustained pain relief, the treatment can be repeated at the same or a subsequent appointment before alternative treatments are used.

Treatment of dentine prepared to receive complete cast restorations

Protect mucous membranes by using a rubber dam
Remove moisture from the prepared dentine by applying a gentle stream of compressed air.
Apply GLUMA Desensitizer with a pellet and leave for 30 – 60 seconds. Make sure that only the smallest possible amount required is applied and that it only comes into contact with the area to be treated
Dry the dentinal surface carefully by applying a stream of compressed air, rinse off thoroughly with water and apply suction
Cover cavities and/or areas near the pulp with suitable cavity linings before applying the desensitizer.


1 x 5ml